Saturday, April 21, 2007 BEWARE THEY ARE SCAMSTERS

This is a experience reported by my UK friends who contacted this website associate of during their stay in Pune last week. Irrespective of website name they have same phone numbers to contact. If you call from Pune this guy on phone +919819499407 would ask you to deposit money in ICICI Bank , Bund Garden Branch mostly account No.001901504876 (Account Name: Mr.S.Paul) before you can hire a escort. Since it is is discreet industry people would usually believe them since the website has good traffic and is top ranking indian escorts site on google. Then once it is confirmed that money is deposited they would vanish and stop responding to phone calls. This is real story as reported by my friends. These guys also operate under the names ,,, It is all one and the same thing. Beware and be assured that money loss is guaranteed.